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A day spent in the office, is a day spent thinking about food and what’s for lunch, you’d be lying if you weren’t thinking of what awesome thing’s you’re going to be eating. We can vouch for the never ending search for more and better lunch spots! We for one will not stand for stooping to low levels of shitty lunches, we’ll just will not have it.

The list you’re  about to consume is a culmination of many lunchtime curators, all with varied tastes and regular cravings, what you need to do now is throw a pre-emptive CONTROL (command for apple users) + D on this bitch and use this as a base to cure all of your lunchtime fixes.

(Please note this is a list that will cater to Sydney city and south-eastern suburb surrounds)

The Sandwich Shop, 44 Reservoir St, Surry Hills, +61 2 9211 8710 (see map)
New kids on the Reservoir St block, is the tiny Sandwich Shop that packs an artillery of great sandwiches and salads. The most exciting is the Rueben and pulled pork sandwiches, although lest not forget the rest of the menu judging by the quality of the ingredients, they are not to be sneezed at. Try all the sandwiches!

Petaling Street – Malaysian Hawker Food, 760 George St, Haymarket +61 2 9281 6508 (see map)
You may not think you have time for a full meal at a Malaysian restaurant, but hitting this for an in and out laksa or plate of bbq grilled chicken for $10.90 is totally within your limits. The chicken is so so great, the laksa is as great. If you’re looking for a lunch witha  difference or a cheap dinner, this is your spot.

Spice I Am90 Wentworth Avenue (corner of Campbell Street and Elizabeth Street), Surry Hills +61 2 9280 0928 (see map)
In the theme of spice and variety, this has to be it. If by variety you can be bound by thai flavours, then yes, many varieties can be had. I would recommend simply a takeaway lunchbox special or the crispy rice pork salad (Nam Khao Tod). Have a coke or a coconut juice in handy, it gets fiery. (The crispy pork belly is pretty ridiculous).

Darlinghurst, Castle Hill, Surry Hills
Tucked in behind the Flinder’s Hotel and next to the Beresford, you’ll find a neat little alley with a waft of suggestive smell of good things coming from the corner. Foundry is one of three stores, we prefer the Darlinghurst branch as it’s less busy (Busy on weekends). A very cute little cafe, lunch spot, hangover healing hang-out, that provide some of the best sandwiches in the area. We would get both of the sandwiches on the menu and split em, or if you’re not on the bread vibe, the salads never ever disappoint. Ask for a big juice to share also, whatever is going is usually the goods.

City Edge, 80 Reservoir Street, Sydney +61 2 9282 9399 ‎(see map)
This place is an absolute gold mine! Cheap and more than cheerful with its fresh juices and thick loaf slice sandwiches with an array of fillings to satisfy your daily cravings. (You can even hit it in the morning when you can’t be bothered making breakfast) The chicken schnitzel with added bacon and chilli sauce on thick brown bread is a certified banger.

Room 10, 10 Llankelly Place, Potts Point, +61 425 810 174 (see map)
There are lots of good sandwiches in Sydney as you’ve just seen. But this is the best. Not even joking, eat one and you’ll soon find out. The salt beef sandwich is something to wake up thinking about, and if you’ve been accustomed to the salt beef bagel in London’s brick lane, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Located on booming Llankelly Place, Room 10 is simply a great little cafe with some very decent coffee and a cheap and more than cheerful menu.

Blancharu, 1/21 Elizabeth Bay Rd, Potts Point
We’re taking advice from Fashimi on this one, also other reports say this is actually the best Ramen in Sydney (Bold claims, but without a doubt, no lie is told). When all the Ramen runs out the door before 1pm, you can bet your unborn it’s gunna be good.

Mr. Crackles
, Oxford street, Darlinghurst
IF you’re familiar with where New York Slice on Oxford street, (I know some of you are) you need forget that NY Slice ever existed, and be thankful Mr Crackles replaced it. You’ll get a pork roll (non-traditional Banh-Mi) with crackling or the lamb roll WITH extra pork crackling as soon as you possibly fucking can.

Don’t ask questions.

Queenies/The Forresters, 336 Riley Street Surry Hills, +61 2 9212 3035 (see map)
You will be torn, Forrester’s for $10 pub meals downstairs or Queenie’s jerk burgers and Jamaican food fare upstairs. Oh, I don’t know, just make a decision quick. Both are good and taste even better on Fridays. Don’t forget the Norfolk Hotel on Cleveland Street. Similar rules apply.

Shortgrain, 85 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills +61 2 9280 2888open for Lunch | Monday to Friday 11.00am to 3pm
Get treated to the goods of Longrains little brother Shortgrain! Plenty of curries, pork belly and spicy, flavoursome modern thai-asian food, direct from the legends in the Longrain kitchen. Get a fresh coconut and soak it all up.

Malibu, 62-64 Foster Street, Surry Hills +61 9280 2233 ‎(see map)
Hungry? How hungry are you on a scale of 1 – 10? If you’re in the 8 to 11 or 12 realms of hunger, then go ahead and take on the Malibu or Kings Lane sandwich. It’s the size of your head and is always delicious. They also do fresh-made salads with a healthy(ish) dollop of potato salad. You could/would easily go halves with someone on the sandwich and for $10, that ain’t half bad, it’s half great.

Chargrill Charlies134 Queen Street, Woollahra +61 2 9327 1008 (see map)
Entering Chargrill Charlie’s, you instantly know what you want. A big Portuguese grilled chicken, some chips and one or two of their awesome salad. It’s an in and out affair, no messing about.

Pasteur709 George Street, Haymarket, Sydney +61 2 9212 5622 (see map)
If you’re feeling the Pho vibe, this is the joint. Easily the best in the Sydney city-sphere without having to go south-west for the real authentic shit.

Yachiyo208 Devonshire St, Surry Hills (see map) See also: Darlinghurst & Mosman
Ask for the boat. (pictured) That’s more than you’ll ever need from any lunch ever. Amazing, just amazing.

Cafe Belgenny, 197 Campbell Street, Surry Hills +61 2 9360 0043 ‎(see map)
Situated cross from Taylor Square, pull up a bit of footpath and sink your teeth into some foot traffic and one of the many fine sambo’s, however you like on whatever you fancy. The BLT rates really high on the BLT scale.

Yokozuna, 159 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst +61 2 9357 7808 (see map)
Tiny little super cute granmumma and grandpops style japanese eat-in or takeaway place on Oxford street. They do a great slow cooked beef ramen, which when it’s available simply smashes any craving of beef and noodles. Great sushi bentos as well (Get the grilled fish).

Erciyes409 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills +61 2 9319 1309 ‎(see map)
Hung-over? Make tracks to Erciyes for a chicken or lamb kebab or maybe even a Pide pizza? Either way, you’ll be healed. May want to have a disco nap after it.

El Loco, 64 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills +61 2 9211 4945 ‎(see map)
I mean really, the pork sandwich is unrivalled in the Sydney pork sandwich world and for $10, that leaves just enough room for a 1 or more for the adventurous tacos which by the way are great. The special taco menu changes constantly, just try whatever the special is, don’t ask what’s in it.

Din Tai Fung644 George Street  Sydney +61 2 9264 6010 (see map)
Maybe you want to do an all out dumpling lunch? Try the best Sydney has to offer, fuck the rest.

Out of the Blue294 Clovelly Rd, Clovelly +61 2 9315 8380 (see map)
If you’re in the south eastern suburbs or up for a destination feed, you simply must go to Into the Blue for the Merguez burger, which features a spicy lamb sausage pattie, tabouli and spicy mayo. Amazing.

Iku62 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst +61 2 9360 5351 (see map)
Maybe healthy is your only option, I’m guessing if you’re a dedicated healthy person, you’ll already know about Iku, but for those that don’t, now you know.

California Burrito
, 612 Crown St, Surry Hills &  Shop 8, 164 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach
In our opinion, a far better burrito than Mad Mex and the others, the only other competitor for burrito’s is Beach Burrito, now open in Darlinghurst, the Chilli Con Carne Burrito is super super legit.

Bunker, 399 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst (see map)
Take-away sandwiches with some of the best ingredients served up daily. They are what they is.

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Fat Rupert’s Bondi is now open for lunches Fri-Sun, awesome American Style deli sandwiches for $13 bucks.

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