Monday, May 7, 2012


What the actual FUCK happened to Australian television? I mean, it’s never been the best programming in the world, British TV had it all over us but it seems the mid-90’s Australian TV was rife with lose your shit laughing shows, nothing even comes close these days? The general accretion of pandering bullshit TV shows these days are just carbon copies of each other, creating this circle of jerks effect.

Not to say that the shows of yesteryear were all the more superior use of intelligence, just saying that there was were a shit-ton more interesting and more importantly, funny shows out there. For instance, genius sketch shows like Full Frontal and Fast Forward, the vox-pox Late Show interviews and street sketches were consistently packed full of lolz. Sir Les Patterson’s crude sexist jokes were always on point. Even the Footy Show was watchable to even the most adverse footy fan.

They were great times. Let’s go to there.

Milo Kerrigan – Holden Statesman – Full Frontal

David McGahans World – Cats – Full Frontal

Amish Road Rage – Full Frontal

Sidenote  – When Amish people get mad at Youtube videos about Amish people: This comment exists

Eric Bana compilation Full Frontal

The Late Show – Dinner Party Sketches

The Late Show – Shitscared: Bike sketch

The Late Show – Street Interviews

Sir Les Patterson 1981 on Willesee

Hey Hey it’s Saturday 1986

Norman Gunston – 1989 Logies

Even the ads were better, hands up if you remember this Holden ute ad:

Great TV times.

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Felix Murrischeralterman says:

Did you miss “The Chaser,” “Fat Pizza, “The Gruen Transfer,” “The Slap,”Who do You Think You Are,” “Angry Boys,”… there’s more.

I don’t know if you saw any of “Hey Hey it’s Saturday” 2010 reboot,
but thats stuff has got pretty old.

youonlylive1nce says:

All very worthy additions!



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