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WEST JULIETT – 30 Llewellyn St, Marrickville, 02 9519 0101

Tucked away between Newtown and Marrickville, this place has become a Mecca for food bloggers and foodies alike. Salted Caramel Smoothies, Green Juices, Pulled Pork Sandwiches on Miche, Dukkah and Watercress Poached Eggs with Avo, and the best Pink Salt Choc Chip Cookies in town. Breakfast on fleek.


THE COPPER MILL – 338-356 Mitchell Road, Alexandria, 02 9517 3214

Serving the silky, complex coffee from the very exclusive Golden Cobra roasters, The Copper Mill ticks the primary box of any great café. That’s not the only thing that gives this place the ‘wow factor’: the trio of founders, Jake Thomas, Rebecca Keane, and Hugh Piper left management positions at The Shortlist Café to venture out on their own as early twenty-somethings, putting together this impressive establishment. Get your hungover mouth around their masterpiece, the Pan Con Churon – a smashing take on the Bacon and Egg Roll with Slow Cooked Pork and Crackling, a Sunnyside Egg, Roast Kumera, Red Onion Salsa with Lime and Coriander Mayo. Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up.


ORCHARD STREET – 137 Macpherson Street, Bronte, 02 9389 5151; 2 Brighton Blvd, North Bondi, 02 9365 5180; Shop 2, 2-16 Glenmore Rd, Paddington, 02 9380 2772

Anti-inflammatory South Indian dosas, turmeric-infused juices, herbal elixirs, booster shoots, nut milks, kombucha on tap… you get where we’re going with this. Just sitting in the midst of this Zen safe haven, dreamt up by natropath and herbalist Kristen Shanks, is going to bestow you with a radiant glow of wellbeing. Here’s to living the #nourishedlife.


THREE WILLIAMS – 613a Elizabeth St, Redfern, 02 9698 1111

Opened by the brains behind such successful brunching eateries such as Sonoma and The Grounds of Alexandria – Glen Bowditch and ex-Aria/Chiswick chef Tim Bryan – Three Williams sports a super tight menu. It’s a big industrial space with plenty of seating so you shouldn’t be without a table for too long. We tried the Bull Ham: Poached Eggs, Marinated Bull Ham Peppers, Serano Ham and Feta with Jalapeño Salsa, which was incredible! The Fish Croquettes were creamy and delicious, as was the Chicken Salad with Roasted Baby Carrots, Avo and Cashews. There’s a thickshake on the menu and it’s got plenty of juices and homemade soda concoctions to ease your thirst. It’s safe to say this place just got a very strong pass from us.


PINBONE – 3 Jersey Rd, Woollahra, 02 9328 1600

What was once the infamous Buzo Italian restaurant has been taken over by the Sydney wine and chef legend Mikey Eggert and his talented company to cook you up a mean ass Croque Madame with a side of whatever you feel like – fruit for the health conscience, fries for the hungover. Get in early for whatever Mikey feels like making special. Also, the boys and girls really know their coffee as well, so don’t even worry about it, they’ve got you.


ROOM 10 – 10 Llankelly Place, Potts Point, 0425 810 174

Maybe the best sandwiches in Sydney (top three, easy). Not even joking, eat one and you’ll soon find out. The Salt Beef Sandwich is something to wake up thinking about, and if you’ve been accustomed to the Salt Beef Bagel in London’s Brick Lane, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. The Double Smoked Ham Toasty with an egg and multiple cheese’s is so good, as is as the breaky rice. Located on booming Llankelly Place, Room 10 is simply a great little café with some very decent coffee and a cheap and more than cheerful menu. Locally known legends.

O ORANGIC PRODUCE – 487 Crown Street, Surry Hills, 02 9319 4009

A prime people watching spot right in the centre of the Crown Street action. The Organic Bacon and Egg Roll with Chutney and Spinach and the Mushrooms on Toast are the business! For something less predictable, try the seriously amazing Balinese Fried Rice topped with a Crispy Fried Egg. With a kitchen full of Indonesian chefs, you know it’s gonna be legit.

FOUR ATE FIVE – 485 Crown Street, Surry Hills, 02 9698 6485

Critically acclaimed by locals and media, Four Ate Five is no slouch in the breakfast game. Servings are large so make sure you bring an empty stomach to this party. It can get super busy, so try next door at O Organic Produce if there are no tables (and vice versa).

IN THE ANNEX – 35 Ross St, Forest Lodge, 02 8041 6536

Hidden away on the little city nook that is Forest Lodge is the little spot on the main drag of Ross Street. It’s a kitsch-ish, Frankie chick’s wet dream, all laid out like a well-merchandised craft-goods store. *Chicks go wild.* It has a strong emphasis on things healthy – there’s a lot of kale, and even the standard Egg Roll has kale on it. So much kale. The menu is is actually pretty great and has a bunch of things (like the Crab Omelette and House Smoked Ocean Trout Ribbons) you wouldn’t feel bad about eating afterwards – perfect for those pre- or post-breakfast/lunches after a bay run. Coffee is great, too, but if you take a look around, you wouldn’t have much choice. Very solid list of healthy drinks as well.

BONDI PICNIC – 101 Hall St, Bondi, 02 9365 5957

The apple of our eye, Bondi Picnic is the local nice guys serving your early morning coffees and making your breakfast or brunch treats. Decor is great, the menu rules (also kid friendly) and has to be up there for the best coffee contender in Bondi thanks to the great Little Marionette coffee (try the cold drip!). It’s very hard to say a bad word about Bondi Picnic.

RUEBEN HILLS – 61 Albion Street Surry Hills, 02 9211 5556

Rave reviews from anyone in breakfast attendance, they will tell you all great things about the buzzing little café on Albion street. Get a black sesame milkshake or a salted caramel thickshake and order anything from the menu and you can’t really go wrong. Great coffee and great vibes all round.

THE FOUNDRY – Shop 3, 8 Hill Street, Surry Hills, 02 9380 7575

A stone’s throw behind the yards of the Flinders Hotel and beside the Beresford in a shady alley, you’ll see and smell the wholesome foods of The Foundry, which features a bunch of great home-style kitchen breakfast and brunch feeds. While both of the sandwiches on offer are great (go halvsies with someone), some might prefer the hearty salads packed full of fresh greens and healthy delicious things. It’s a something-for-everybody type of place and it even has the good sweet stuff! Get them to make you a fresh squeezed juice and kick back.

FLEETWOOD MACCHIATO – 43 Erskineville road, Erskineville, 02 9557 9291

You don’t have to be toting a yoga mat on a Saturday morning to recognise that wholesome chow can be interesting and taste 30 unbelievably kinda good. Jersey Milk Ricotta, House Smoked Salmon, Lemon Myrtle Yoghurt, Fennel Fronds, Home-Made Mustards and Pickles are some of the solid produce these guys throw around in this café. The menu pleases brunch aficionados with breakfast favourites like fresh organic loaves of bread, braised beans, and poached eggs. Clever salads, baguettes, and specials are also always in the mix. Now go get some quinoa into yer!

THE GROUNDS OF ALEXANDRIA – Building 7A, 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria, 02 9699 2225

Situated down in sleepy but buzzing Alexandria on a 1800-square-metre ex-factory and garden, The Grounds of Alexandria is absolutely killing it (weekends are incredibly busy) with its chook pens, wood-fire oven, spit roaster, and bar. There’s a lot going on here, which will all make sense when you’re stuffing yourself with everything you can possibly stomach. Worth it.


CORNERSMITH – 314 Illawarra Road, Marrickville, 02 8065 0844

The promise of nourishing eats, darn good coffee, in-house produce, and condiments in a nice fit out are probably a few strong reasons why many locals get up out of bed and flock here in the morning. The crew is committed to creating and sharing food with people and it translates quite clearly. Chances are that the bread and butter cucumber pickles you’re munching on, and the honey you’re finessing on your spelt sourdough, was harvested by the person taking your order (oh yeah, harvested by the roof top beehive, no less). It’s just that kind of place and it’s hard not to respect a place like it.

2204 – 106 Addison Rd, Marrickville, 02 9569 2214

Probably not going to be news to inner-west-siders who have their breakfast routines down pat, but for those that don’t know, this one should be the one that pricks up your ears. Why? Because the coffee is Little Marionette-endorsed and super legit, plus the menu is cheap and very decently portioned. Hit this on a Sunday and then Marrickville markets for a juice and some fresh produce. Perfect.

VICTOIRE BOULANGERIE – 660 Darling Street, Rozelle, 02 9818 5529

A freshly made Victoire Jambon and Gruyere Sandwich is like taking your mouth on an excursion run by your favourite subsitute teacher. A teacher we like to call Mr. Endorphin. Eating one of these sandwiches is like that scene in Disney’s Aladdin, where he’s taking Jasmine on a magical carpet ride – but Aladdin is the sandwich, and your mouth is Jasmine. So, to summarise: a) we’re shit at metaphors, and b) the sandwich is good. If you’re rolling in that twin-speed economy money and you enjoy the finer things in life, then go hard on the condiments in here. Jars of Foie Gras, tins of Ortiz and other exorbitant canned goods can lift your pantry inventory to Liberace-like status. Victoire’s baked goods and sweets are also reason enough to visit.

PORCH AND PARLOUR – 17/110 Ramsgate Ave Bondi Beach, 02 9300 0111

Porch & Parlour is one of the local hangouts that has the kind of vibe where the staff look like they got in after a six-hour surf. They serve a very decent breakfast here and a very good coffee but they’re acclaimed for their Smashed Eggs. Spend a long, lazy Sunday morning here with the paper then meander across to the beach. Bondi Life, innit?

BILLS – 433 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst, 02 9360 9631; 359 Crown St, Surry Hills, 02 9360 4762; 79 Hall Street Bondi Beach, 02 8412 0700 

Three locations, all highly fulfilling in the coffee, breakfast, and lunch departments. We’ll recommend the Sweet Corn Fritters with Roast Tomato, Spinach and Bacon, or the Ricotta Hotcakes with Fresh Banana and Honeycomb Butter. If there are two of you, make sure you order one of each (with a pre-agreement to share if you’re the type that suffers from food envy).

BROWN SUGAR – 106 Curlewis St, Bondi Beach, 02 9130 1566

This extensive breakfast menu strays from the boring list that has become all too familiar in Sydney cafés. Opt for their more exotic egg dishes; the Moroccan Eggs, ‘Mojo’ Eggs, and the Leek and Herb Omelette with Feta, Rocket and Roast Tomatoes are all winners. And don’t forget a side of their famous hashbrowns.

THE BUNKER – 399 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst, 0404 407 349

Ask anyone familiar with The Bunker and you’ll hear about the very highly rated cups of coffee. The menu is nothing to sneeze at either – the Wagyu Sandwich is dope, as are the ready to go sandwiches for the time-sensitive people. It can be a little busy on weekend but a great people peepin’ position.

FRATELLI PARADISO – 12-16 Challis Avenue, Potts Point, 02 9357 1744

A busy little Potts Point café that most locals would call home. Taste the rustic Italian menu – it has a different but welcome approach to what you should have for breakfast. Maurice Terzini from Icebergs Dining Room and Bar highly recommends it!

FLAT WHITE – 98 Holdsworth Street, Woollahra, 02 9328 9922

A cozy little café with a great little menu. You might want to eat everything listed (even the bircher sounds amazing), however the two pieces of brioche jammed with ham and slammed with an egg will kill any hangover dead in its tracks.

BOURKE STREET BAKERY – 633 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, 02 9699 1011; 474 Gardeners Road, Alexandria, 02 8339 1001; 2 Mitchell Street, Marrickville, 02 9569 3225; 46a Macleay St, Potts Point, 02 9380 9700

A well renowned series of establishments famous for sweet treats and baked goods. Perfect for grabbing a quick smash and dash Sausage Roll or pie, or a loaf of bread and some croissants. If you can, grab a table down the side and make a morning of people watching while you graze your way through everything you can fit in.

THREE BLUE DUCKS – 143 Macpherson Street, Bronte, 02 9389 0010

Something for the sleepy south-east bayside folk is Three Blue Ducks. SMH gave this the Best Breakfast award of 2011, and if that doesn’t mean anything to you, then how about the fact that all produce is grown locally or as greenly as humanly possible? Let your conscious run rampant into some black pudding and eggs. One thing though – get there way before 11:30am.

PALACE CHINESE RESTAURANT – Shop 38 Level 1, Piccadilly Tower, 133 – 145 Castlereagh Street Sydney, 02 9283 6288

If the craving for yum cha kicks you on a Sunday morning, let Palace put that pang at ease. Don’t let the line out front deceive you – it moves as quickly as the tables turn-over. You’ll be eating Baked Pork Buns and Prawn Dumplings in no time at all. Get the Roast Chicken or Duck, request some Fresh Broccoli Greens, and the PoKn and Eggplant.

THE SHOP & WINE BAR – 78 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach, 02 9365 2600

We’re not suggesting you utilise the wine list at this awesome little joint at breakfast time, but you should definitely have the BLT (get them to add a poached egg) and then go back in the afternoon for one of their outstanding cheese and meat plates and a bottle of rosé.

EARTH FOOD STORE CAFÉ – 81 Gould St, Bondi Beach, 02 9365 5098

The menu here is small but you needn’t look any further than the Boiled Eggs. Order a side of avocado and Persian fetta, smash everything together onto sourdough toast and then top it off with a squeeze of lemon and some chilli flakes.

CAFÉ MINT – 579 Crown Street, Surry Hills, 02 9319 0848

Middle Eastern breakfast like you won’t have tried outside of the Middle East, this place is a taste sensation. Try the Breakfast Couscous or Breakfast Hummus served with Za’atar Toast or just work your way down the menu week by week – it’s that good.

CAFÉ GIULIA – 92 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, 02 9698 4424

Order from the big blackboard and take a seat either in the window if there’s room or in the courtyard out back. This local gem has a buzzing atmosphere at breakfast and lunch. For breakfast, we love the Mango, Lime, and Strawberry Whip and their Tuscan Toast, but it’s all good.

SONOMA BAKERY – 241 Glenmore Road, Paddington, 02 9331 3601; 2/9 Danks Street, Waterloo, 02 9699 1920; 215 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, 02 9660 2116178 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach, 02 9130 1124 

Simply put, it’s really good coffee with pastries from Black Star in Newtown. You can also indulge in a bowl of Sonoma’s Honey Spice or Spelt Maple Muesli. And then there’s the breads of course.

ELIZABETH BAY CAFÉ – 3/45 Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth Bay, 02 9357 1705

Great menu, lots to choose from, and if you’re hungry, the servings are more than enough to satisfy. The coffee is great and they even have chipotle as a condiment option!

THE BOATHOUSE – Governor Phillip Park, Palm Beach, 02 9974 3868

Overlooking the calm water on the Pittwater side of Palm Beach, The Boathouse is the most beautiful spot for breakfast on the north side of the bridge. Try the Green Eggs and Ham and the Breakfast Bruschetta.

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Cassandra Palma says:

Great post! You’ve made choosing where I’ll be having breakfast this morning a lot easier! Two you should definitely add to the list are Le Monde in Surry Hills (best coffee I’ve had in Sydney) & Ottimo Italian Kitchen in Hunter’s Hill. You should make the trek there for the brioche French Toast alone.

Juju says:

seriously…Chapter One in Bondi… Up there for shiz!!!!

John says:

Seems also missed was NSW Cafe of the year “Circa” in Parramatta.

youonlylive1nce says:

Yeah but… Parramatta.

Lea says:

You missed Element 6 in West Ryde – awesome breakfasts with constantly updated specials. And a big thumbs down for the Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, tiny little burgers that weren’t cooked properly and terrible service. Otherwise, a sound list.

youonlylive1nce says:

We feel you.

Jeremy says:

Agreed. Element 6 is not just the best cafe in West Ryde, but it up there with the best in Sydney.

Kajsmin says:

Thank you for posting these, I have been to majority of them (great choices) I’m looking forward to trying the new ones.
Best, Jasmin

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