Friday, March 23, 2012


Homer, am I right?


Get in my fucking mouth already.

Here’s how to do it:

Lay about 6 paper towels on a plate, and line up 6 pieces of bacon; you want to make sure that each slice slightly overlaps each other. Flip the bacon so edges are alternating, but keep the meaty part to go over the fat part. Cover with 2 paper towels, and heat at least 3 minutes. Check and do the process again. Once out of the microwave, you fold it over and place something in the middle so it creates the inside of the shell.

After a few minutes, the bacon shell has hardened and you can fill it!

Fill it with things like:

• Fine shredded cabbage salsa
• Avocado and tomato and shallot salsa
• Black beans and rice
• Pulled Pork/Slow cooked beef
• Grilled shredded chicken

Easy enough? Try it!

Via Tastespotting

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that looks really good.



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