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Redefining the outdoor cinema, is architect Ole Scheeren. His vision was to build a giant floating cinematic auditorium, where? Not in a parking lot, not on top a fancy building, not on the roof of a pub, but in the oceanic setting of Yao Noi, Thailand.

The thought of watching films here seemed surprising: A screen, nestled somewhere between the rocks. And the audience… floating. Hovering above the sea, somewhere in the middle of this incredible space of the lagoon, focused on the moving images across the water. A landscape of pieces playfully joined together. A sense of temporality, randomness. Almost like drift wood. Or maybe something more architectural. Modular pieces, loosely assembled, like a group of little islands. A congregation of rafts as an auditorium. Archipelago Cinema.

Local fishermen farm lobsters on rafts. Wooden frames are tied by rubber straps to foam blocks wrapped in mosquito nets. A simple construction. A local technique. Adopted to build the floating cinema. Recycled wood and materials. Reusable modularity of the raft. Assembled, disassembled. Reconfigured, reused. After the screening, it will go back to the local community. As a stage, a playground. As an event platform, an assembly space. As something that belongs to them, that was merely borrowed. As something, that is flexible, that can be towed anywhere. And as something that can appear, from time to time, to host a few people watching movies.

Ole Scheeren, 2012

Would like to go here.

Floating Auditorium by Ole Scheeren
Film on the Rocks Yao Noi, 2012 
Curated by Tilda Swinton and Apichatpong Weerasethakul

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