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Not everyone is a baller, not everyone can afford the time either. When you’re hungry and indecisive, sometimes all you needs a bumsteer in the right direction of a good take-out/eat-in (quickly) type eatery. So, like we did in Sydney, let us guide you in the direction of a good quick feed, no one should have to eat a shit lunch.

Nguyen Hot Bread
, 128 Chapel St, Windsor (see map)
The local bakery does more than just loaves of bread. It does the best Bahn Mi pork/chicken rolls on the south-east side of Melbourne. If you’re super hungry, also get a South Melbourne dim-sim (goddamn it I could go hammer on two of those right now!) Most satisfying combination I have encountered thus far in my lunchtime experiences.

Lucky Coq
Cnr Chapel Street & High Street Windsor, Windsor (03) 9525 1288 (see map)
Bimbos376 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (03) 9419 8600 ‎(see map)
Feeling sneaky? Grab a quick $4 pizza from either of the two establishments, but be sure to avoid the wait and get in before 1pm (but after 11am) or after 1pm (but not after 3pm) and you’ll get a pizza worthy of way more money in your pocket. Students have been living off this place for years. Plus it’s home to one of my most favourite pizza’s ever; The Ceasar Salad Pizza (Anchovies, bacon, egg, cos lettuce and ceasar salad dressing – Pictured)

132 Chapel Street, Windsor VIC 3181 (03) 9510 2241 ‎(see map)
Various and plenty styles of sandwiches, soups and salads, if you don’t find anything you want in here, go next door to above mentioned Nguyen Bakery. Their soups come highly recommended by sufferer’s of winter and flu sick people all around the 3181 area code.

, 237 Carlisle St, Balaclava (03) 9527 5615 (see map)
Great little Japanese sushi roll drop-in joint. They do some mean gyoza and teriyaki salmon. Simple, delicious and no bullshit sushi.

Glicks Bakery Balaclava,
330 Carlisle Street, Balaclava (03) 9527 8733 (see map)
Glicks Bakery Elsternwick, 362 Glen Huntly Road, Elsternwick (03) 9528 4000
Bagels. Dense little rings of goodness. Fill them however you like, they will be good. Because they’re from Glicks. Famous for the salmon, cream cheese and caper combo, obviously.

After the tears
9b Gordon Street, Elsternwick (next to the cinema) (03) 9523 0969 (see map)
This is a great little Polish lunch spot, derived from the same pedigree as Borsch, Vodka and Tears on Chapel st, if you’ve ever eaten there, expect the same kind of food. Filling, delicious perogi, with pickles on everything! Get it express or eat in. They do a GREAT sandwich as well!

Carre St Deli
372 Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick (03) 9523 8985 (see map)
Just up the road from After the Tears, is this hidden gem, they’re a deli famous for their Reuben Sandwich. It’s not a Katz Deli beast of a sandwich with half a cow on it, but it’s enough, and frankly if you eat it all, then a pat on the back is well deserved. I have travelled multiple suburbs for this, just sayin’.

Nineteen Squares
31 Blessington Street, Melbourne (03) 8598 9919 (see map)
Highly reputable for their Chicken sandwiches, I would LOVE to get my hands on their recipe and keep it for myself. However the bread, salt, rocquette and avocado combination is perfected and really, why would you imitate it? Good coffee too. (photo: Michelle McFarlane/Broadsheet)

Il Fornaio, 2 Acland Street, St Kilda (03) 9534 2922 (see map)
Another great Sandwich drop-in joint, expect some cured meat combinations with cheese amongst other things. Not bad at all!

Albert Park Deli
, 129 Dundas Place, Albert Park (03) 9699 9594 (see map)
The king of lunch delicatessens, you can go here and not have a clue what you want, and leave with something that is exactly what you felt like. Salads, pastas, grains, sandwiches, baguettes, pies, whatever! It’s just too easy. A tailor-made store for indecisive people.

Andrew’s Burgers
, 144 Bridport Street, Albert Park (03) 9690 2126 (see map)
Hung over? Or just ridiculously hungry? Andrew’s Burger have been critically acclaimed to be the best in Melbourne. There are many claims to this title, but there can only be one. I still can’t say for sure, but its definitely one of them.

9 Carlisle St, St Kilda (03) 9534 8934 (see map)
More of a sit-down lunch, still more than achievable to do a round trip one hour lunch break. Everything on the menu is highly eatable, the burger’s are pretty epic, as are the salads.

Sushi Ten
, 228 Flinders Street, Melbourne (03) 9639 6296 (see map) ‎
In my own opinion, best sushi in Melbourne. Hand’s down. It’s cheap but also the freshest. What they buy in the morning is consumed in it’s entirety in less than a few hours, get in fast or miss out.

Waffle On
9 Degraves Street, Melbourne (see map)
Belgian waffle shop that excels at waffles, but it’s the baguette’s that should concern you. Go the ever Parisian, super simple, super delicious basil, brie and fresh tomato combo on a fresh crusty french stick. WOOF! The best in town.

EARL Canteen
Ground level, 500 Bourke st, Lt Bourke St courtyard (03) 9600 1995 (see map)
They do sandwiches. WELL. Full stop. (pictured: Pork belly w/crackling and kale… Enough said!)

, 253 Coventry Street  South Melbourne (03) 9690 0217 (see map)
For an array of Italian and Mediterranean foods to drool over, you need not go past GAS Eatery. The pastries! The meatballs! The greek salads! You’ll just want to eat everything.

Don Don
321 Swanston St, Melbourne (03) 9662 3377 & 5 Bank Street, South Melbourne (03) 9696 6682
The most epically cheap japanese you’ll eat. You’ll walk out thinking you’ve either ripped them off or they mis-changed you? Either way, get a Sushi Don or a Chicken Curry for less than a tenner and just be happy that this place exists.

Trippy Taco
234 Gertrude St, Fitzroy (03) 9415 7711 ‎(see map)
Strictly vegetarian Mexican food, the won’t find any pork on your fork, but don’t let that deter you, the burrito’s are pretty incredible. It’s got that earthy home-made warming food to it. Great!

Casa Iberica25 Johnston St, Fitzroy  (03) 9417 7106 (see map)
Stock up on your spanish goods, and on the way out, grab a sandwich roll custom made from the selection of  cheeses, hams, smoked meats, don’t know what to order? Ask them what they like on their sandwiches, worked for me. Cheap as hell, and massive. They also do legit chorizo empanadas!

Saigon Bakery
174 Victoria St, Richmond (see map)
Bahn Mi! Pork rolls the way they’re meant to be. You could hit any of the Bahn Mi spots on Victoria St and be satisfied in the same way.

Nhu Lan116 Hopkins St, Footscray (Open 5am-6pm Everyday) (see map)
Probably about as legit as it’s going to get outside of Saigon. It get’s a solid review from locals and abroad, make sure you put Nhu Lan of Footscrazy in your destinations.

Happy lunchtimes!

Got a submission? Leave it in the comments so others can enjoy the spoils!

By Toby Allen

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Anon says:

Came down to comment on Jenny’s in Camberwell too.

Matt Sawkill says:

comprehensive list man, here are a few of my other favs from working in the cbd & collingwood:

n.lee bakery (little collins st)
dinkum pies (block place)
11 Inch Pizza (equitable place)
Pacific BBQ house (lonsdale st)

inner north:
n.lee bakery (smith st)
huxtaburger (smith st)
melissa’s cakes (legendary $5 spanakopita) (smith st)
piadina takeaway (gertrude st)
fatto a mano (gertrude st)
brunswick st alimentari

Anonymous says:

Awesome Sawks!

Yep, agree with all those suggestions!

Huxtaburger FTW!!

Nick says:

You missed out on Jenny’s Hot Bread in Camberwell!!! $4 for AMAZING sammiches



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